What is Adjunct Cancer Therapy

Adjunct cancer therapies are personalized biological medicine treatment protocols that manage to enhance the positive effects of oncological treatments while reducing their side effects. At Biosalud Day Hospital, we have a specific unit with state-of-the-art technology that helps patients fight the disease under the care of an oncologist.

Integrative oncology provides conventional medicine with a longer-term approach to the disease and holistically treats the patient’s mind, body, and spirit; it is not only about enhancing quality of life and trying to cure the disease, but also about preventing it from recurring over time. Therefore, we analyze the underlying causes and focus our treatment on those results.

The cornerstones of adjunct cancer therapy at Biosalud

By using therapies based on biological medicine we aim to weaken cancer cells and strengthen the immune system. Our treatments are based on:

  • Nutritional, immunogenic, and immunoactivating treatments.
  • Treatment with molecular hyperthermia, frequently combined with chemotherapy, increasing by 800% the toxicity of the chemo for cancer cells and reducing the toxicity for healthy ones, thus eliminating side effects.
  • Detoxification, oxygenation, and pH control.
  • Psycho-emotional care.

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    Early detection of cancer

    Today, biological medicine offers diagnostic techniques that make it possible to predict a precancerous state before the disease can be detected clinically and radiologically. Several analytical systems, such as the American Infrared Regulation Thermometry, have already been developed that indicate a potentially cancerous process.

    Causal diagnosis of cancer

    At Biosalud Day Hospital we seek to identify cancer’s underlying causes and factors. It is these causes that we will treat to the extent possible to prevent the disease from recurring in the future. To that end, we perform a wide range of tests and create an exhaustive clinical history that makes it possible to detect all the factors that contribute to the disease.

    Adjunct cancer therapy

    Our adjunct therapy supplements, not replaces, oncological treatment, and is always managed in collaboration with the oncologist. The cornerstones of our personalized treatment protocols are: dietary immunogenetic, immunoactivator, oxygenating, and psycho-emotional treatments. Therapies such as molecular hyperthermia and oxymetry means we can act directly on cancer cells, improving the flow of blood to the tumor with chemotherapy.

    The expert on adjunct cancer therapy answers your questions

    Why aren’t these types of therapies more widely available?

    Because they require not only extremely expensive equipment, but also specific training in biological medicine that is not offered as part of a standard medical degree. Doctors who provide this type of treatment have been trained specifically in adjunct therapy in the United States and/or Germany.

    Why hasn’t my oncologist recommended adjunct therapy?

    Most likely out of unawareness that these options exist. Training is non-formal, although at Biosalud most of our doctors have graduated from the Master’s Program in Biological Medicine that we have directed and taught at the University of Alcalá de Henares for the past six years. We have trained doctors from around the world in this type of therapy precisely because of its effectiveness; oncologists are limited to following the protocols that have been established.

    Do I have to stop following the treatment prescribed by my oncologist?

    No, of course not. It is crucial that you continue following all instructions given by your oncologist. Our treatment is complementary, not a replacement. Your oncologist is prescribing all the treatment options available to conventional medicine that he or she thinks is best. Our treatment complements these options and will enhance the beneficial effects against cancer as well as reduce the side effects of oncological treatment, especially through molecular hyperthermia and body hyperthermia.

    Does this treatment have any kind of side effects?

    No. There are no side effects or contraindications. Adjunct therapy means using additional effective techniques against cancer together with the primary treatment.

    Will adjunct therapy cure my cancer?

    We would like to be able to say yes, but unfortunately there is no type of treatment, conventional or otherwise, that guarantees a cure for cancer. Our first goal is to turn cancer into a chronic disease. We have cases that have been cured with patients that stay in remission, but we can never reach 100% effectiveness. Of course, we always increase life expectancy and improve the cancer patient’s quality of life.

    Can I prevent cancer if I have family that has or has had the disease?

    Yes, which is why it is crucial to follow our Biosalud Day Hospital Prevention Program Premium Club.

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