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Tratamientos personalizados de medicina integrativa

Biological medicine custom treatments

Specialists in the treatment of Lyme disease
Integrative Medicine strengthening your innate healing response

Chronic and infenctious diseases

30 years of experience and care for patients
Biological and conventional therapies selected on the basis of their scientifically proven safety and effectiveness

Lyme Disease

Biosalud Day Hospital is a center specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of Lyme disease. This infectious disease is contracted by the tick bite and progressively affects the functionality of the organism, with symptoms so varied that they make it difficult to diagnose and treat it.

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Innovating in the treatment of Lyme disease

Adjunct Cancer Therapy

With our therapies we support conventional oncological treatments to improve their effectiveness and reduce their side effects. Biosalud Day Hospital uses biological medicine and the most advanced technology to stop the disease and make a causal diagnosis of cancer that will help us prevent its recurrence in the future.

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Adjunct Cancer Therapy

Biosalud, specialists in integrative and regenerative medicine

Customized treatments

At Biosalud we develop personalized treatment protocols. Each person is unique, so we look for all aspects of the organism and environment that may originate their illness.

We take care of you, also of your health

We accompany our patients on the path to a full and healthy life. We contemplate their problems in a holistic way, taking into account all the physical and emotional aspects that surround each one.

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Biosalud Day Hospial is a center specialized in biological and integrative medicine, designed for the care of your health. With the most advanced technology and permanent innovation, we offer you the most effective treatment and prevention of diseases.

Caring patients from all over the world
since 1985