At Biosalud Day Hospital we always say that “We take care of you, not just your disease”. Our vision of health, which takes into consideration our patients’ physiological, environmental, and emotional factors and includes the personalized care we give each treatment, makes it possible for us to provide cures for patients by treating their symptoms and promoting health from within.

Our center has had countless success stories over its 30 years of experience.

Biosalud reviews

“For not simply scratching the surface.
For worrying about the causes and not the effects.
For devoting your life to something as noble as the health and care of others.
For investing in research and developing new techniques.
For returning hope to the sick.
For personally caring about each patient.
For keeping a mind open to new possibilities.
For doing your job with contagious enthusiasm.
Thank you.”

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    “My 3 and 5 year old have had serious mobility problems and no diagnosis after undergoing countless tests since they were just a few months old. None of the parameters have ever changed. After a preliminary assessment, Dr. Bueno ordered a series of tests that detected many changes, we finally have plan to follow, a journey that we are on now, and after seven months of treatment we can see small advances that we hope will turn into big ones”.

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    “What Dr. Mariano Bueno provided was logic, clarity, and a new future for the rheumatoid arthritis that I’ve had for 16 years. It was a year-and-a-half long process that requires determination and a change in eating habits, but I have no pain or signs of the disease today and I’m off medication. I would go back and do it again without hesitation”.

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    “Hip osteoarthritis was causing serious difficulties with mobility and intense pain. Fortunately, I found Biosalud and I was lucky to be in the hands of Dr. Mariano Bueno. I’ve already made outstanding improvement just after a few days of treatment”.

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